Kimball Public Schools Employees and Patrons,

The purpose of this letter is to inform you of changes to our KPS Return to School Plan that will become effective on November 10, 2020. The key alterations are as follows:

- We will require masks in scenarios where 6 foot social distancing cannot be maintained (classrooms, partner projects, small group work, etc) in the “Orange” and “Red” levels. This will replace the "strongly encourage" language.

- We will require masks on all school district transportation (bus routes, activity bus, etc.) in the “Orange” and “Red” levels. This will replace the "strongly encourage" language.

- If we go to the "Red" level, we still have the option of remote learning; however, we can continue with in-person learning as this is the present recommendation I have received. This replaces the remote learning requirement in the "Red" level. 

The goal of these changes is to keep our healthy students in the building for instruction as we feel this is the best way to educate our students. You may view the entire plan on our website in the "Documents" section in the  “COVID-19” folder as it is titled “Amended KPS Return Plan”.

Below are some questions you may have regarding the change:


Why is Kimball Public Schools now deciding to require masks when 6 foot social distancing cannot be maintained?

  • We are going to be requiring masks (instead of highly recommending) in these scenarios to keep our healthy students in the building. We have had large numbers of students quarantined recently as the number of cases have risen locally. We will not require masks for recess, PE, or while students are eating lunch.

What if my student has asthma or any other health issues that make it hard to wear a mask?

  • Please call your respective school office and we will work with you to accommodate your student(s) individual needs.

How long will Kimball Public Schools be following these new protocols?

  • We will follow these new protocols when in the “Orange” or “Red” until the end of the first semester. Over the break, we will evaluate the effectiveness (i.e. keeping students in the building) of the changes and propose any modifications for the second semester.

What do I do if I don’t want to send my student(s) to school or ride district transportation with the new requirements?

  • If parents choose to keep students at home, the Home School paperwork will need to be filled out so you are not out of compliance with state attendance requirements. Please contact your respective school office or call the Nebraska Department of Education (402)471-2295 for more information.
  • If parents choose not to have their student(s) ride on a bus route due to the new requirements, please contact our transportation director (Gregg Fossand) so our drivers can plan accordingly.

Who decides on situations that require students or staff to be quarantined?

  • The Panhandle Public Health Department decides who and for how long a quarantine will take place. Please call the Panhandle Public Health Department at (308)487-3600 for more information on quarantine protocols.

As we continue to navigate the challenges of the 2020-21 school year, we ask that you are flexible and understanding with these new procedures we are implementing to keep our students in the building. This is an ever-changing situation, and we will continue to communicate any alterations that may become necessary. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at: or (308)235-2188.


Trevor Anderson


Kimball Public Schools