Winter basketball guidelines
5 months ago, Ken Smith
winter guidelines
Kindergarten is learning about the changes in technology. Check out our rotary phone!๐Ÿ˜Š
5 months ago, Denelle Klosterman
Decker Culek
Jax Klussman
Wyett Golembiewski and Noah Hinton
Luke Coleman
The Pre-K classes had so much fun making Turkeys at snack today! Thanks Miss Mihm for this fun activity!
5 months ago, Victoria Ingram
PM Pre-K
AM Pre-K
Pre-K Snack!
*UPDATE* KPS Junior High Girls Basketball vs Pine Bluffs will be livestreaming today at 3:30 PM on the KPS Youtube channel. Link to the stream here; #LonghornPride
5 months ago, Travis Terrill
Annual Holiday Windows Part 4 Final Products!
5 months ago, Stephanie Kitchens
Whispering Winds Ranch
Buffalo Ridge Ranch
Growling Grizzlies
Speed Goat Ranch
Annual Windows Part 3 Final Products!
5 months ago, Stephanie Kitchens
Almosta Ranch
Blazing Pitchforks
Hidden Valley Ranch
Callow Cattle
Annual Holiday Windows Part 1
5 months ago, Stephanie Kitchens
Let the fun begin!
Callow Cattle Ranch
Whispering Winds
Blazing Pitchforks
Annual Windows Part 2
5 months ago, Stephanie Kitchens
Praticing our painting skills
Finishing the outhouse
Hanging paper
Growling Grizzlies
Making lifelong memories in PE....#longhornpride
5 months ago, Dane Wurdeman
The igloo ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ
Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!
Jr. High social studies had a lot going on today. 7th graders played a game that helped them learn about carrying capacity and limited factors in the environment. 8th graders fought in their own French and Indian war!
6 months ago, Ashley Heidemann
Predators look out for deer.
Deer run to go grab their resources!
8th grade games.
Radial Relief Sculptures ๐ŸŽจ 7th Grade Art ๐ŸŽจ #longhornpride
6 months ago, Mary Schutz
Parents of Kimball Public Schools Students: Please take time to click on this link and take our survey. Choose Kimball Jr./Sr. High School even if your student is in elementary. We will be able to differentiate between the two schools. We appreciate your opinions and welcome your feedback. #longhornpride
6 months ago, Heidi Chesley
๐Ÿ’ธ Generic vs. Name Brand ๐Ÿ’ธ Can you tell?
6 months ago, Mary Schutz
The Jr High basketball game is Tuesday at 3:30@ Home. There was some confusion on date but it is Tuesday 3:30@ home. If you are attending you must live in the same household as the player and masks are mandatory
6 months ago, Katie Culek
Third Grade math lesson trackers! They are getting organized!! #LonhornPride
6 months ago, Lani Heeg
Prepping for next week!
Organization skills
Work Plan
Amy Birkhofer is prepped and ready for her National Anthem performance at the C1 Football Championship between Pierce and Adams Central!
6 months ago, Jacob Hoffman
Amy Birkhofer, C1 Football Championship
Mrs. Chesley, Mrs. Knaub, and Mr. Walker taking advantage of the nice weather to do some outdoor learning with their students today! #LonghornPride
6 months ago, Trevor Anderson
Teaching math to students at home and in class!! Great job Miss Lashmett!!
6 months ago, Jamie Soper
Our minds are working hard but weโ€™re having fun too, as the Chemistry class plays a review game for their upcoming exam! #LonghornPride
6 months ago, Luke Maas
Congratulations to KPS junior Amy Birkhofer on being selected to sing the national anthem prior to the Class C-1 Football Championship game in Pierce. The championship game has been moved to 4:30 PM this afternoon. Please see the information below on how you can watch her performance. #LonghornPride The C1 Championship Final, on Friday, Nov. 20, will be livestreamed at and the NET Nebraska App. Class C1 (Adams Central vs. Pierce) will start at 4:30 p.m. MDT.
6 months ago, Trevor Anderson