4th reading students are learning to research so we made infographics today!
over 1 year ago, Heidi Chesley
Check out the Physical Science 2-liter rocket demonstration! #LonghornPride https://fb.watch/1xzgElWkhE/
over 1 year ago, Danielle Reader
Mr. Mekelburg’s Physical Science students conducting rocket launches today as part of their class! #LonghornPride
over 1 year ago, Trevor Anderson
Check out Mr. Mekelburg's Physical Science Class today! Students were challenged to design a 'car' to protect their eggs in the egg crash car activity. The team of Makhi Bryson and Jasmine Gawith were the first to test their design. Way to go you two! https://fb.watch/1xnWsLfmLM/
over 1 year ago, Danielle Reader
Due to unforeseen circumstances, we will be canceling tomorrow’s Velocity (elementary show choir) rehearsal and will be rescheduled for later in the week. Please stand by for more info.
over 1 year ago, Jacob Hoffman
Happy Halloween from KPC! #Linghornpride
over 1 year ago, Lani Heeg
More 1st grade fun #longhornpride
over 1 year ago, Kelli Patterson
pumpkin fun
hoop fun
Having fun at our Halloween party. Thank you H.E.L.P.S!!!
over 1 year ago, Kelli Patterson
more cup fum
ping pong fun
cup fun
What a great day to be a 4th grader! #Longhornpride
over 1 year ago, Jamie Murdoch
4th grade girls
4th grade boys
Happy Halloween from Mrs. Heeg’s 3rd Grade! We ended the day with a fun challenge, getting pumpkins into the container in fastest time!
over 1 year ago, Lani Heeg
The winner from our class 17.4 seconds!
Which resources do I use???
28 pumpkins to go!
Miss Fonder's 3rd Grade had an awesome Halloween party today at school!
over 1 year ago, Miah Fonder
Getting some goodies!
First Grade had a great Halloween! Thank you to everyone who made this possible! #LonghornPride
over 1 year ago, Rachel Lashmett
First grade.
First grade.
First grade.
First grade.
2nd grade learned about bones and made "Halloween Hands". #longhornpride
over 1 year ago, Mark Head
"Halloween Hands"
Parents of Kimball Public Schools Students: The School Improvement Committee is looking for your input on our schools. Please take time to click on this link and take our survey. We appreciate your opinions and welcome your feedback. #longhornpride https://eprovesurveys.advanc-ed.org/surveys/#/action/143900/p2190
over 1 year ago, Heidi Chesley
Happy Halloween from the Kindergarten artists! 🎃 #LonghornPride
over 1 year ago, Cassady Malm
Fist Pumpkins
Mr. Head's 2nd Grade Class
over 1 year ago, Mark Head
What a scary bunch!
Attention Jr/Sr High Parent: We are looking to schedule picture retakes/make up pictures. In order to be the most efficient in this process we are asking that you contact Stephanie Kitchens at skitchens@kpslonghorns.org if you WANT your child to have their picture retaken. Thanks
over 1 year ago, Stephanie Kitchens
Thank you HELPS for the fun! #LonghornPride
over 1 year ago, Kaitlin Knaub
6th grade party! #LonghornPride
A big shout out to Morgan Baker for organizing the manor costume walk! #LonghornPride
over 1 year ago, Jamie Soper
Foods I Kool-aid Popcorn! #Longhornpride
over 1 year ago, Mary Schutz